SŽ Group actively encourages employees to be conscientious of their health and to increase their engagement in preventive health, which aims to improve their health, both mental and physical, and wellness and leads to a more productive workforce. Preventive health programs are provided in Središče Vitalis wellness centre and in a selected health resort.

The Group also provides mental health care programs to protect the psychological well-being of employees. The programs support individuals with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and offer psychological first aid and counselling to employees suffering from post-traumatic stress. We also provide assistance to employees with disabilities who are no longer able to carry on their current work because of their condition.

Employees experiencing financial hardships and social issues can apply for a regular or extraordinary assistance under our solidarity program. To promote workplace diversity and inclusion, the Group upholds a no-tolerance policy towards abuse and sexual and other forms of harassment at work.

We also offer company-owned holiday accommodation for employees to use during their annual leave – our division for persons with disabilities SŽ – ŽIP, storitve, d. o. o. manages a series of vacation houses in the mountains and at the seaside where our employees and their families can spend their time off work.  We promote a healthy lifestyle through various events and put in effort to help you maintain a good work-life balance.

Our employees are entitled to paid parental and family leave and to paid time off increases based on the number of children.

There is also a range of other benefits accessible to employees and their family members, such as special promotions on train ticket purchases, discounts on collective accidence insurance and covering part of employees’ insurance premium under the voluntary health insurance scheme.