Members of the Management have a mandate of four years, and are appointed and recalled by the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board first appoints the Director General. The Supervisory Board’s decision concerning the appointment or recall of the company’s Director General is approved by the company’s founder Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH) in eight days.

Fifteen days following his appointment, the Director General has the right to propose to the Supervisory Board two other members of the Management.

The Worker Director is appointed in line with the Worker Participation in Management Act (ZSDU) following a proposal by the Works Council, and has the power to represent the interests of the employees in decision making with respect to HR and social affairs.

Senior management

Dušan Mes

Director General

mag. Tomaž Kraškovic

Member of the Management Board

Nina Avbelj Lekić

Workers' Director

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Slovenske železnice is made up of nine members. Each member has a four-year term of office pursuant to the relevant legislation.

The current members’ term of office started on 12 September 2019.

Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • mag. Aleksander Mervar, President
  • Franci Matoz, Vice-president
  • Silvo Berdajs, member
  • Zlatko Ratej, member
  • Jože Pavšek, member
  • Melita Malgaj, member
  • Gabrijel Škof, member
  • Boris Markočič, member
  • mag. Aleksander Nagode, member

Audit Committee of SŽ’s Supervisory Board

  • Melita Malgaj, Chair
  • Boris Markočič, member
  • mag. Aleksander Nagode, member
  • Silvo Berdajs, member
  • Barbara Nose – external member of the Audit Committee

Human Resources Committee of SŽ’s Supervisory Board

  • Franci Matoz, Chair
  • Gabriel Škof, member
  • Zlatko Ratej, member

Strategic Investment Committee

  • Boris Markočič, Chair
  • Gabriel Škof, member
  • mag. Aleksander Nagode
  • Silvo Berdajs, member

Waiver of remuneration by Supervisory Board members and external members of the Audit Committee in Slovenske železnice Group

In line with the “Recommendation to waive a portion of emoluments of the Supervisory Board” adopted by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (Slovenski državni holding, d.d. – SDH), members of SŽ’s Supervisory Board and the external member of the committee of SŽ’s Supervisory Board, as well as members of supervisory boards and external members of supervisory board committees of the controlled companies in the Group, agreed to give up 30% of their emoluments which would otherwise pertain to them for the discharge of their responsibilities in the Supervisory Board and its committees from March 2020 through the month in which the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Slovenia is revoked (both months included); the waiver does not apply to the refund of travel expenses.