SŽ-Potniški promet runs over five hundred inland train services every day and provides daily connections with no interchange to Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany. To improve the frequency of mainline services, reduce the number of stops and enhance train capacity on branch lines, the company ordered a total of 52 new Stadler passenger trains, with deliveries expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The new trains comprise 21 single-deck and 10 double-deck electrical trains along with 21 single-deck diesel trains, and will allow for more comfortable journey conditions and improved reliability.

Modern trains and electric vehicles allow us to make use of the advances in combined passenger transport. Connecting rail with other modes of transport makes it easier and more simple to travel by train. To further promote a shift from road to rail and reduce carbon emissions from transport, we are building Park&Ride facilities at train stations of origin and introducing electric car sharing services under our GreenGo project.


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