As part of its infrastructure management function, the company operates, maintains, renews and develops public rail infrastructure in Slovenia. That's 1207 km of track – 333km double-track and 874km single-track lines –  and 126 stations.


SŽ – Infrastruktura, d.o.o.
Kolodvorska 11
1000 Ljubljana

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Over the recent years we have been extensively renewing and upgrading Slovenia's rail infrastructure. As much as €410m was invested in rail in 2019, and the number rose to almost €510m in 2021. The investment came from the state budget and European funds intended for rail infrastructure investment and maintenance. The Infrastructure Directorate, a body under the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, manages  rail investment on behalf of the state, which owns the infrastructure.

Through infrastructure improvements and regular and large-scale maintenance, SŽ Infrastruktura, d. o.o. delivers a safe and reliable railway while slashing journey times.

26.7 per mil

Steepest line

6,500 m

Longest horizontal line
Ruše-Fala section on Maribor-Prevalje line

15,810 m

Longest plain
Ptuj-Velika Nedelja line section on Pragersko-Središče line

582 m

Station at the highest point above sea level

3 m

Station at the lowest point above sea level

575 m

Longest bridge
Novo mesto bridge on Revoz industrial line

30 m

Highest bridge
Most na Soči Bridge over Idrijca River

6327.3 m

Longest tunnel
Bohinj Tunnel

25.03 m

Shortest tunnel
Radovljica Tunnel

2 June 1846

Oldest rail line
Šentilj–Celje line, which is a part of the Austrian Southern Railway that connected Vienna with Trieste via Ljubljana