At Slovenske železnice, we know it is important to use energy efficiently. Our energy policy is hence structured in a way which helps us achieve our objectives with respect to economy, energy efficiency and environmental protection both today and tomorrow. Amongst other, it involves monitoring and managing energy management, adopting measures to optimise energy usage, using renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions from transport. Through our energy policy, we contribute directly to achieving the environmental standards and objectives of both Slovenia and the European Union.

A new energy policy, which is compliant with the ISO 500001 energy management system, was introduced in Slovenske železnice Group companies in November 2021 so as to improve their energy efficiency. Furthermore, a number of measures have been introduced to improve the way energy is managed and to use it more efficiently within the Group, which is producing notable savings in day-to-day operations while boosting business results.

Companies in the Group are actively making an effort to provide services and products which are more energy efficient, and they intend to promote, both in-house and in the general public, our responsibility to use energy efficiently.